How To Verify Paypal account without Using a Credit Card?

# Paypal is the most secured and commonly used system for online transactions,shopping etc.there are two types of accounts
are available:-

1. Personal
2. Business

# Now The Question is how to verify paypal account without using credit card details, Most of the user are not able to make transaction online due to the limitations by paypal.so here i ll show you the trick to make your paypal a/c verified without using credit card.you can use a virtual credit card to verify your account and buy thing's using paypal.

                           How Too Create a virtual Credit Card-

1. Go to Entropay, and do sign Up.

2. Fill all your imp. details in it and go to funding details.

3. In funding detail, enter your Debit card detail's.

4. Now you can create a virtual credit card with the help of Entropay By Depositing 20$ in your entropay account.{this amount will be credited in your virtual card}

5. Once you complete all upper steps, it will show you all details of your virtual card. 

                              How Too Verify Paypal Account-

Verify Paypal account
1. Login to your paypal a/c and verify your account By using Entropay Virtual card.

2. Your Debit card will be charged 1.5$,which is added to your paypal a/c within 3 days.

3. After 3 days, go to your entropay account and chk out your recent transaction for getting the Transaction Number.

4. Use this Number to verify your paypal account.

#. Now you can use this trick to do transaction,shopping etc.

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