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Thursday, 16 June 2011

How to Hack Facebook Accounts Easily

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How to Hack Any Facebook Account easily by Reverting/Reseting Password of your Victim – No Keylogging, Phishing Required.

Hack a Facebook account by the method of reverting the password.This method does not involve any skill or anything just a brain would be enough to get you through this trick ! Well,you might think that it is impossible but it is actually true that you can hack any facebook account ! So before we start i would like to tell you what “Reverting” actually means…
What is Reverting ?
Reverting is the process of resetting a password without the knowledge of the actual user ! So this is basically a low level of hacking but it does the job for you !
How do I hack my friend’s Facebook ?
Make sure your not logged in to your account.If you are then make sure you sign out and then follow the following methods.

1- Go Here
That is the form that you will be using in order to hack your user.
2- Then in “Your E-mail Address” type your E-mail address.
3- Fill the Details.
4- Once you have done that,You will have a question asking “Email associated with the compromised account.” – In that just type “No” and nothing else other than that !
5- In “Your contact email address.” – Type your own email for you to receive the Password Reset Link.
6- In the “Full Name of the Account.” – Type the Name of your victim if you know.If you don’t then:
a) Try finding the Name of the victim by just searching his/her e-mail on Facebook.

b) If that doesn’t work then google the E-mail address of your Victim,that might give you some details.

c) If that also doesn’t work then use the following sites to get them
So if you follow one of the above methods you should be getting the Full Name of your victim.Now lets move on to the next step
7- “Date Of Birth” – In this column you have to enter the Birthday of your Victim.If you know him personally then you should be knowing it.If not you can just social engineer him and somehow make him tell it.Once you get it you have to enter it in that.

8- “URL (web address) of your compromised profile.” – This is just the profile URL of your Victim which can be got easily(Usually of the form: http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=99999)
9- Now your all set ! Before you submit the form just make sure you recheck the whole form if you have done the right thing.Once you do so just click on “Submit”
10- Thats it ! You have done it ! Now you just have to wait for Facebook team to look up for your request ! Once they approve it they will send a link to reset your victim’s Password !

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